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Katie Melua
Geburtstag: 16.09.1984

Geburtsort: Tiflis, Georgien

britisch-georgische Sängerin und Musikerin
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CD: Piece by piece (2005) Inhalt            
  1. Shy boy

  2. Nine million bicycles

  3. Piece by piece

  4. Half way up the Hindu Kush

  5. Blues in the night

  6. Spider's web

  7. Blue shoes

  8. On the road again

  9. Thankyou, stars

  10. Just like heaven

  11. I cried for you

  12. I do believe in love
Piece by piece

Piece by piece (Noten 2006) Inhalt            
Shy boy  (3)
Nine million bicycles  (8)
Piece by piece  (13)
Half way up the Hindu Kush  (17)
Blues in the night  (22)
Spider's web  (28)
Blue shoes  (34)
On the road again  (38)
Thankyou, stars  (46)
Just like heaven  (52)
I cried for you  (57)
I do believe in love  (60)
Piece by piece

CD: Call off the search (2004) Inhalt            
  1. Call off the search

  2. Crawling up a hill

  3. The closest thing to crazy

  4. My Aphrodisiac is you

  5. Learning the Blues

  6. Blame it on the moon

  7. Belfast (Penguins and Cats)

  8. I think it's going to rain today

  9. Mockingbird Song

  10. Tiger in the night

  11. Faraway voice

  12. Lilac wine

Call off the search


Katie Melua
Katie Melua bei Katie Melua bei

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